Up In the Tree

“Oh moan! Oh groan!
There’s no telephone!
We’ve run out of pancakes,
We’ve run out of tea,
We’ll have to eat LEAVES
Up here in our tree!”

From Up In the Tree
Written and Illustrated by Margaret Atwood
First published in 1978

Leola "up in the tree"

Leola climbed to the highest branch and found herself surrounded by butterflies.

Today we are reading… Up In the Tree, by acclaimed Canadian writer Margaret Atwood. Written for her daughter Jess, this charming story of two children who make their home in the leafy branches of a tree is another vintage treasure. If you have time, listen to this interview with Margaret Atwood and hear a playful reading of this beautifully simple book.

Why Leola loves it…

Leola’s favourite part is when “OH MY! OH ME!” two porcupines (which according to Leola are actually beavers) take the ladder away from the tree and nibble it to pieces, leaving the children stranded. She finds this very funny!

Why I love it…

The book looks charmingly primitive with its two colour design. The illustrations in blue, red and brown (the combination of the blue and red inks), have a kind of innocent simplicity that is perfect for this whimsical story. Margaret Atwood hand lettered the entire book to save on costs. The lettering itself is beautiful and expresses much more character than a digital font ever could.


About Claire

I have worked as an editor, a criminal defence lawyer and a family violence lawyer in a community legal centre. Now it's all about writing, writing, writing (and my three little people at home). I want to draw on my experience working with survivors of family violence and create sensitive, big hearted fiction that (without preaching) helps to empower women and girls with the tools to reject family violence from their lives.
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One Response to Up In the Tree

  1. Michaela Fox says:

    I love the sound of this book and will definitely hunt out a copy. Thank you for sharing!

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